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GORiLLA SEAL provides a superior “Green Engineered” lubricant for roller coaster tracks and wheels. 


  •   Water Resistant
  •   Anti-Corrosion
  •   Rust Inhibitor
  •   Non-Toxic
  •   Bio-Degradable
  •   Environmentally Friendly 
  •   Not vegetable oil based-will not gum or dry out
  •   Urethane and nylon wheel lube (stops scrubbing)
  •   Anti-seize and pin lubricant
  •   Drilling and tapping
  •   Lubrication for stainless steel (keeps hardware from seizing)
  •   Aluminum lubricant (prevents galling)
  •   Extend chain life
  •   "Green Engineered"
  •   Hot dipping to prevent rust
  •   Safe on urethane, rubber and o-rings
  •   Works on tracks, rails or guides
  •   Ski lifts, detachable chairs and gondolas
  •   Winterizing parts,tools,components,tracks and cables
  •   Reduces friction, increases life, reduces heat, reduces energy costs, reduces manpower and downtime.  

We at GORiLLA SEAL™ proudly design, formulate, develop and manufacturer all of our products right here in the USA. 

We provide a complete array of customer direct services from concept to completion to include our in-house graphic design

department for ease in private labeling. 

We have over 30 years’ experience in the field of product development and are standing by ready to serve you. 
Please contact us for a quote. 1-207-965-8860 ask for Scott
   Thank you.

Trust the ORIGINAL "Green Engineered" Track Lubricant
USDA Multi-Purpose GORiLLA SEAL™
With over 30 Years of EXPERIENCE -Specializing In High Performance Industrial Lubricants
RESEARCH, DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT and MANUFACTURING all under one roof.       Made in the USA

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